Tommy’s Story

From the inspirational book by Beth Taylor, Healing In His Wings

Helen and Tommy Tucker were working with their Camper On Mission group at Trinity Pines Baptist Encampment in Trinity, Texas. Tommy was working in the shop and walked over to get a piece of sandpaper from a table. A rolling flatbed dolly was standing on one end against a pile of lumber not far from the table. As Tommy approached the table, the dolly slipped and rolled into Tommy’s ankles. Tommy fell backward, hit his head on the lumber, and lost consciousness.

The men working with Tommy were alarmed. One rushed to get Helen, while another called an ambulance. The emergency medical personnel examined Tommy and when questioned, he said that he felt pain in the vertebra of his neck. Tommy was transported to the hospital in Trinity where he was examined, again, and x-rays of his back and neck taken. The x-rays showed broken vertebra in his neck. The hospital staff strapped Tommy to a gurney so he would remain completely immobile and then transported him by ambulance to a larger hospital in a nearby town.

The Campers On Mission and staff of Trinity Pines began praying for Tommy when the news of the accident reached them. They continued in prayer while he was being examined in the Trinity hospital and transported. Helen followed the ambulance to Lufkin with friends from the COM group. They uplifted her with encouragement and prayer.

When Tommy arrived at the hospital, he was examined in the emergency room and an MRI scheduled. Helen and friends waited expectantly while the tests were administered. They knew God held Tommy in His hands. Their faith did not waiver. Whatever the outcome of the tests, everything would be all right. They felt certain the Lord would heal Tommy completely.

Tommy felt at peace while going through the MRI and other x-rays. A chest x-ray was ordered and instead of moving him so he would remain immobile, the technicians asked Tommy to stand and walk to the x-ray table. Tommy knew then, when he got off the gurney and walked to the x-ray table, the Lord had healed him completely.

The doctor talked to Helen and Tommy about the test results. He said the MRI showed no break in Tommy’s neck vertebrae. The doctor said he could see an old fracture in Tommy’s ankle that had healed long ago, but nothing in his neck.

Helen and Tommy rejoiced with their friends. They knew the Lord answered their prayers and healed Tommy. He walked out of the hospital with no pain and continued working on the project at Trinity Pines Baptist Encampment. Tommy continues to be in good health with no side effects from the fall. He knows and gives testimony to the healing power of the Lord through the prayers of His people.



About Brenda B. Taylor

The desire to write historical fiction has long been a passion with Brenda B. Taylor. Since elementary school, she has written stories in her spare time. Brenda earned three degrees: a BSE from Henderson State University, Arkadelphia, Arkansas; a MEd from Sam Houston State University, Huntsville, Texas; and an EdD from Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas; then worked as a teacher and administrator in the Texas Public School system. Only after retirement could she fulfill the dream of publication. Brenda and her husband make their home in beautiful East Texas where they enjoy spending time with family and friends, traveling, and working in Bethabara Faith Ministry, Inc. She crafts stories about the extraordinary lives of ordinary people in her favorite place overlooking bird feeders, bird houses, and a variety of blooming trees and flowers. She sincerely thanks all who purchase and read her books. Her desire is that the message in each book will touch the heart of the reader as it did hers in the writing.
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