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Beth and Horace Taylor

Beth and Horace Taylor

The purpose of Bethabara Faith Ministry is to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ to people of the world. We accomplish this goal through various means. One way is by sending Christian literature and Bibles to pastors and lay people in third world countries who do not have access to Christian resources. The number of career missionaries in these countries is small, and pastors have very few Bibles and Christian learning materials for evangelizing and discipling the local population. We also train churches and Christian organizations that desire to send Sunday School literature and Bibles overseas.

Another way we spread the Gospel is through writing inspirational literature, both non-fiction and fiction, and inspirational greeting cards.

Bethabara Faith Ministry began in the hearts of Brenda and Horace Taylor when Brenda attended a conference at East Texas Baptist University in Marshall, Texas in the summer of 1999. She learned of a ministry that sent Sunday School literature and Bibles to third world countries and was convicted to do the same. The ministry assisted her in sending the literature and Bibles from her home church. Now, the desire of Horace and Brenda is to train other churches and Christian organizations to send their literature and Bibles.

Postage for sending the Christian materials has increased rapidly since 1999, but the Lord provides a way for the ministry to continue. We have faith His message of salvation will be sent to the people of the world during these end times, and Betharaba Faith Ministry desires to be a part of His great plan.

Bethabara Faith Ministry, Inc. was incorporated under 501c3 of the Internal Revenue Code.
All donations to the ministry are tax deductible.

Board of Directors
Bethabara Faith Ministry, Inc.

Horace A. Taylor
Dr. Brenda B. Taylor
Rev. Delia G. Poling
Vice President
Robert C. Taylor
Brenda L. Taylor
Cheryl Kendall
Rev. Cyrus Poling